Blog Post: Christopher Mominey, Secretary for Catholic Education, “The Transfer Advantage”

Thursday, July 3rd

Transfer Advantage Logo

This week we have unveiled a new initiative here in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia that we are confident will attract even greater numbers of students to our 17 high schools. We are calling it the TRANSFER ADVANTAGE.  Our purpose is simple: to attract potential students in the charter and public schools who are interested in learning more about the great gift of Catholic education here in our area.  And what are some of the ADVANTAGES of coming to a Catholic high school?

  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed in word and in deed every single day.  Is there anything better than a young person marinating in the culture of Catholic education for 7 hours each day for 180 days each year?
  • The academic performance of our Catholic schools is superior.  Did you know that $320,000,000 in scholarship offers were made to our graduating senior class this year? (That’s over $88,000 per graduate for those of you keeping track at home!)
  • Our schools are places of community with high standards of security and safety.
  • Our schools encourage parent involvement and we see our role as partners in education with our parents who are getting involved more and more each day at our schools.
  • We have AP courses that will challenge any other school’s offerings
  • Smaller class sizes give us the opportunity to offer more individualized attention to our students and their families on a regular basis.
  • Technology integration, one-to-one initiatives and emphasis on 21st century learners are a hallmark of our schools.
  • High sets of expectations are set by our discipline codes and admissions policies.
  • Financial aid is abundant this year!  More than we ever made available before….
  • College placement levels for our graduating seniors are at an all time high and graduation rates are just short of perfect (which we are striving for).
  • Our teachers are awesome!
  • Our administrators are awesome!
  • Our staff and our coaches are caring and nurturing!
  • We are excellent stewards of our resources and have adopted a new mindset of growth, innovation and change.
  • As a graduate of Catholic schools you will join a network of alumni across the country that are interested in your gifts, talents and abilities simply because of your affiliation with our schools.
  • And, to stress again, because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to who we are and what we do, you will be part of a community of witnesses that will teach you much more by what they do rather than what they say.

Any student, parent, family or anyone else interested in being a part of this outstanding ADVANTAGE, we are offering a $1000 transfer grant to immediately.  It’s that simple.  We are so confident in our ADVANTAGE that we will offer this grant to any accepted students no matter their financial need.  Moreover, if there is financial need over and above this grant, we are there to help.

Want to learn more about this awesome opportunity?  Take a look at this website and it will tell you everything you need to know:

In the meantime, I hope that our community will take seriously the ADVANTAGES that Catholic schools have to offer.