Bishop Shanahan High School Students Take 1st and 2nd Place During Case Study Competition at Pennsylvania DECA Conference

Wednesday, November 12th

12 Bishop Shanahan High School (Chester County) students headed to Penn State to participate in the Pennsylvania DECA (, “Innovations and Entrepreneurship Conference,” hosted by the Penn State Smeal College of Business. They were joined by 16 total teams from around the state of Pennsylvania. During the day students attended four workshops on topics including: “The idea pitch”, “Recognizing the Need”, “Inspiration Vs. Motivation” and “College Entrepreneur”.

After the workshops were complete, students were given their case study. Each team was to prepare a pitch for “investors” for a new start up. The team’s goal was to identify a problem in their community and create a business to solve that problem. They were to come up with a for-profit company solving a social need.

Two teams from Bishop Shanahan High School took the top spots during the case study competition, earning 1st and 2nd place.