Roman Catholic High School Hosts Students from Spain

Thursday, February 26th

As part of a cultural exchange program, Roman Catholic High School is hosting nine students from Spain during the months of February and March. The students attend Colegio Alhzahir, a private all boys’ school located in Cordoba, Spain.

The purpose of the program is to introduce the young men to an American high school experience, the city of Philadelphia and the culture of the United States. The students arrived on Saturday, February 21 and they will stay in Philadelphia until Saturday, March 7th. They were accompanied by one of their professors, Mr. Javier Lozano Salamanca.

The exchange students are attending classes while living with host families of Roman students. It has already been an eventful week for Roman’s guest students. The exchange students have witnessed their first snow storm, a Roman Catholic High School pep rally for its sports teams and the basketball team winning the Philadelphia Catholic League Championship.

Roman faculty member, Ms. Wilma Berrios worked to organize the exchange and the Roman community is excited to have both their students and guests benefit from this unique cultural experience.