Archbishop John Carroll High School in Radnor to Begin Live Streaming Events

Tuesday, February 28th

Archbishop John Carroll High School in Radnor (Delaware County) has committed to enhancing its technological offerings. Beginning with its Ash Wednesday Mass, Archbishop Carroll will live stream school and community events.

“We hope to extend our live streaming offerings to other events, mainly athletic competitions and choral and band performances,” said Chris Serpentine, the School’s Director of Communications. “Come April, we’ll be live streaming our baseball games, and we’re driving toward live streaming our baccalaureate and commencement activities in June.”

“Sharing our culture with our extended community has become highly important to us,” said Carroll President, Frank Fox. “What better way to demonstrate our successes than to broadcast them live,” continued Fox. “Now you’ll be able to experience our culture in real time. It’s terrific.”

Carroll is strengthening its tech presence in the classroom, as well. A major initiative planned to launch next year is a one to one Chromebook program, where students are given their own device to use both in and outside of the classroom. “These new approaches to teaching and learning together with the new technology will enable our students to become more adept at critical thinking, collaborating, researching, and creating new knowledge as they take control of their own learning in student-centered classrooms of inquiry,” said Carroll Principal Dr. Anchen Schulz.

Live streaming events will be available through Archbishop Carroll’s Facebook Page: