Mr. Christopher Mominey: “5 Years and 5 Hopes for this New School Year”

Wednesday, September 6th

(Editor’s Note:  Mr. Mominey, Chief Operating Officer and Secretary for Catholic Education will celebrate his 5th year with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia in May 2018)

  • I hope that each of our students come to know, love, and serve the person of Jesus Christ in a more meaningful way.


  • I hope that each student reaches their potential in all academic and extra-curricular programs, no matter their grade or school.


  • I hope that our teachers continue their tireless efforts to deliver only their best in instruction and teaching each day that they enter the classroom.


  • I hope that our school leaders reflect deeply on the impact they have on the culture of their individual schools and work to shape an environment that fosters excellence in teaching and learning.


  • I hope that our pastors, our co-workers in the mission of education, are able to rejoice in the good work that Catholic schools do for the future of the Church and that they remain proud of our students and their accomplishments.