Community Posts

A Green Space of Their Own

8 months ago

Something new is sprouting up at this high school — and it’s helping the whole community bloom. We interviewed the two head gardeners to find out how this collaborative project took root.

Why Balance Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

10 months ago

One is shy but steadfast. The other is like the mini-mayor. This mother of twins explains how a BALANCED curriculum brings out the best in both her children.

Pennsylvania’s First Catholic Unified Bocce Ball Team Is on a Roll

11 months ago

These students joined forces to form the state’s first Unified Bocce Ball team. None were prepared for the outpouring of support that followed. See how two AOPS schools are making history.

Student Spotlight: JT Hughes on Serving Others

11 months ago

What motivates students to serve? Inspired by how teachers impacted his own life, AOPS student JT Hughes is giving back to his community — through dance! This is his story.

Why Excitement Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

12 months ago

She couldn’t find a school that saw past her son’s disability — until a chance encounter changed everything. Find out how this school’s unique approach brought excitement to her family.

Student Experience: Saving the Golf Team — and Other Ways I Learned to Lead

1 year ago

When she learned her golf team was shutting down, this student rallied support — then led it to record-breaking victory.

Why Involvement Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

1 year ago

The Purcells were planning for public school. But that was before their daughter discovered her Catholic community! Learn how all four children became AOPS students.

Their Final Project: Explain It to a Six-Year-Old

1 year ago

Before they can graduate, these high school seniors must face their toughest challenge yet: teaching a gym full of first graders about applied sciences.

Why Creativity Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

1 year ago

A well-rounded education means something different for every family. Hear why Andrew’s parents think creativity is at the core of learning success!

The Alumni Experience: Gaining the Confidence to Coach

2 years ago

Today, Muffet McGraw is a coaching Hall of Famer and Notre Dame legend — but she began her hoop dreams as an AOPS student. See how Catholic values shaped her journey as a player and coach.

A Promise to Our Students

2 years ago

At AOPS, we don’t just teach today’s students. We prepare tomorrow’s leaders. The Most Reverend Michael J. Fitzgerald explains our community-wide commitment to developing the whole student.

The Answer to Question 3? Collaboration.

2 years ago

They come for the homework help. They leave with a deeper understanding of service. See how Homework Club is fostering mentorship across schools.

Why Communication Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

2 years ago

When her son needed help, teachers listened and reached out. See how this school’s culture of open communication keeps this mom’s mind at ease.

The Meaning Behind Madrina: How AOPS is Engaging Hispanic Families

2 years ago

Welcoming our neighbors. Finding a common language. See how our Madrinas Ministry is going beyond Hispanic outreach.

Why Attention Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

2 years ago

The benefits of individualized attention stretch far beyond the classroom. This AOPS mom explains her relief in finding school faculty who feel like family.

Their Class Assignment: Minister to One Another

2 years ago

A class where the students give back? The Faith in Action course empowers students to go out and minister to the community.

How to Get Your Child Engaged in New Languages and Cultures Today

2 years ago

Empathy begins with understanding. Here are 5 ways to get your child engaged in new cultures and languages today.

The Wins You Don’t Hear About

2 years ago

What’s even more impressive than a state championship? See how AOPS high school athletes are making a lasting impact in their classrooms and communities.

Why Investment Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

3 years ago

What does investment mean for an AOPS school parent? One Philly mom shares her story about weighing the options — and the costs — of her kids’ school choices.


3 years ago

From state championships to academic honors, AOPS high school student athletes had an incredible 2016-2017 season. Here’s a look at their biggest wins.

Why Cultural Diversity is Making Catholic Schools a Better Place to Learn

3 years ago

Can cultural diversity change the way children think, act, and learn? Here’s why AOPS is committed to making diversity a core of our students’ Catholic education.

Why Community Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

3 years ago

There’s no place like home… until there is! An AOPS mom shares her thoughts on what makes Catholic education work for her daughter, her husband, and herself.

Meet the People of AOPS

3 years ago

Hardworking faculty and staff are the heart of AOPS. Here, eight employees share stories about their careers, challenges, and proudest moments.

Teacher Spotlight: Inspiring Through Art

3 years ago

From graffiti-style portraits to exhibitions, Madison Blyler uses art to help students find and develop their voices. Here’s what she had to say about building community through St. Laurence School’s thriving art program.

A Fresh Take on the Freshman Experience

3 years ago

Being a freshman doesn’t have to be scary. This AOPS high school is getting upperclassmen to bring new students on board with fun and style.

Teacher Spotlight: The Power of STEM

3 years ago

A full-fledged lab is just one of the ways David Heacock is inspiring his students to pursue a passion in the sciences.

“Disable the Label” at Archbishop Carroll

3 years ago

Through the Best Buddies program, AOPS students are breaking through the label of “disability” to form long-lasting friendships.

5 Apps and Websites to Get Your Child into Community Service

3 years ago

Make it fun for your young ones to help out with these service-oriented interactive resources!