Catholic Schools Onward

Best Practices and New Opportunities as We Move Forward

Guidance & Procedures

These are the recommendations of the CSO Committee and the Office of Catholic Education for Elementary Schools. Each school will adjust and enhance these recommendations  to meet the unique needs of their school community.

Introduction & Philosophy

General Principles for the Buildings

Catholic Identity

Building Operations

Entering the Building  |  Daily Monitoring of Health  |  Lunch  |  Recess
Travel Within the Building  |  Library  | Physical Education   |   St. Raphael Room

Classroom Operations
Classroom Setup  |  Classroom Materials

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning – Cohort  |  Virtual Learning – Individual

CARES / Early Childhood / Pre-K

Playbook:  Guidance for Dealing with Cases or Suspected Cases of COVID-19

Student Mental Health & Whole Health

After School Activities

(Please note that as current information becomes available the pages on this site will be updated.  The dates underneath the Title of each page will reflect the last update.)