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(Please note that as current information becomes available this page will be updated – 08.11.2020.)

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Catholic School buildings are regularly used by various groups and activities after school hours.  During COVID-19, these activities may need to be curtailed or modified.  The After-School Activities subcommittee of the Catholic Schools Onward, CSO, will make recommendations.


Our students have experienced significant challenges since the shutdown on March 13, 2020. Where possible, keeping as many after school activities running, would help our students.



  1. Each principal is asked to examine the after-school activities in the school, ex: chorus, drama club, Science Explorers, Young Rembrandt’s, Kitchen Kapers, Future City. This does not include parish activities, such as PREP/CCD, which is up to the decision of the Pastor.
  2. If there is a room available, where students may be socially distant and possibly stay in their cohorts, after school activities may continue. Due to the nature of chorus and singing, that activity should be suspended until further notice.  All rooms must be disinfected after use by the activity/club.
  3. Only students enrolled in the school during the day may attend the after-school activities. If children come from outside the school, investigate the possibility of these children attending virtually.
  4. Any activities that may take place virtually, such as Home and School and back to school nights, should take place virtually.
  5. Outside Groups: restrict outside visitors from the school.  If groups such as senior citizens have space not utilized by students, the pastor makes the decision if their club may continue.  Space would need to be disinfected. If no space is available, groups should be suspended until further notice. The pastor makes the decision for men’s’ basketball and other such groups. If permitted, proper sanitation procedures must be in place.
  6. If and when a decision is made regarding CYO Sports, recommendations will then be made regarding use of the buildings.

Other Considerations.

  • The same guidelines that apply to CARES would be used with After School Activities

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