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(Please note that as current information becomes available this page will be updated – 08.25.2021.)

The organization of the classroom is important in supporting the academic progress of students. Classroom space should  provide an environment that allows teachers and students  to interact comfortable and safely. With this in mind, careful consideration has been given to the strategic placement of  furniture, learning centers, and materials to optimize student learning,  reduce distractions and keep children safe.

A fundamental premise when designing a safe classroom environment is the concept of maintaining social distancing to the greatest extent possible. The use of social distancing is recommended by the CDC and other health agencies to help control the spread of any viruses and manage any possible outbreaks.


  1. Schools should move any non-essential furniture, materials of equipment that is not needed and store them in a place outside of the room
  2. Desks should all face in the same direction.
  3. Desks should be placed three (3) feet from the center of each desk to the center of the next desk. or to the greatest extent possible.
  4. All throw rugs and roll-up carpets should be removed from room.

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