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Daily Monitoring of Health

(Please note that as current information becomes available this page will be updated – 08.26.2020.)

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The guidance provided by the State of Pennsylvania suggests  that each school monitor health daily. To provide the healthiest environment possible for Staff and Students, schools should choose to implement a Daily Health monitoring system similar to one recommended below that meets the specific and unique  circumstance of the school.


Health monitoring should be done in conjunction with efforts taken at home with the parents of children attending the school. Parents have the greatest information regarding the health of their children and are an integral part of  this process.


  • Schools should develop a system to engage parents in monitoring daily the identified possible symptoms of COVID-19 listed below. As we learn about the disease, we may need to alter the list by adding or subtracting symptoms.  I attest to:
    • Fever or chills,
    • Cough,
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing,
    • Fatigue,
    • Muscle or body aches,
    • Headache,
    • New loss of taste or smell,
    • Sore throat,
    • Congestion or runny nose,
    • Nausea or vomiting,
    • Diarrhea.
    • My child has not had any contact with anyone with COVID
    • My child has not traveled a location designated as a “Hot Spot

  • If any of these symptoms please keep your child from school and contact the school any of the symptoms. If the symptoms are serious please seek immediate medical attention. Always call before visiting your doctor or health facility.

  • This daily monitoring can take place in a number of methods. The schools should decide what method is best meets their specific and unique needs and infrastructure. Parents could indicate that their child(ren)’s health has been monitored by:
    1. Signing into a learning management system daily and checking off that this was completed.
    2. Sending in with their child an entrance ticket ( a small piece of paper that the parent has initialed) that can be monitored in the child’s home room as the take attendance
    3. Signing off weekly that their child is has not contracted covid-19 and will monitor health on a daily basis. This can be done using a letter or a google-doc.
    4. Agreeing at the start of the year to monitor the health of their children daily, if this method is selected, it is important that the classroom monitoring described below takes place.
  • In the classroom, the school should establish a common time, after morning prayer or before Grace at lunch, when the teacher does a daily scan of the students to monitor if there are any concerns related to health. This could be an overt process, where the teacher asks the children if they have expected any of the symptoms, if grade/age appropriate. The teacher could make a deliberate effort to monitor health without running through the list of  symptoms and then refer children with concerns to the office or nurse for further monitoring.

  • Schools should also monitor the health of staff and students by tracking students’ and staff’s absenteeism.

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