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(Please note that as current information becomes available this page will be updated – 08.11.2020.)

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Entering the building every morning is the activity which unofficially begins the day. It is important, that this is smooth, stress free, efficient  and conducted in a manner that keeps child safe.


A foundational premise when designing a safe entry throughout the day and controlling transmission of any virus, is to help keep it from the building.  During the entry into the building social distancing and hand sterilization will be implemented. The use of hand sanitation and social distancing is recommended by the CDC and other health agencies to help  control the spread of any viruses and manage any possible outbreaks.


  1. Mandate parents take temperatures of children before they leave home. An elevated  temperature is considered  at or above 100.4.
  2. Students should immediately sanitize their hands by using sanitizers or washing hands.
  3. Empty buses one at time per entrance, so social distancing can be maintained and each child’s hands can be sanitized.
  4. Have each entrance monitored by staff to help insure students maintain a social distance.
  5. Use of a mask is mandatory as students ride the bus, enter the building and travel to the classroom.
  6. Students should store their mask in a storage bag if they are going to remove it once they reach their desk.
  7. Once students enter the building, teachers should review the daily monitoring health check list.
  8. Encourage school signage which asks — “Did you answer your daily health questions at home?” Put this perhaps after # 1 in process.

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