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(Please note that as current information becomes available this page will be updated – 08.11.2020.)

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The use of the library has evolved over the last several years and has moved from  a place where children borrowed books to a research center.  With the need for cohorting and social distancing. There are many safe alternatives to delivering  the same academic support provided by a traditional library class.


Library resources continue to be an integral part of the academic program.


  1. Hold library in the homeroom when appropriate— lessons about research, the different types of literature and much of the curriculum can be delivered in the classroom.
  2. Activities such as the introduction of authors, genres and the read aloud of books can be conducted in the classroom.
  3. There are many possibilities to exchange books, but a media specialist, could make a number of selections for students and deliver them to the room so children can “take out” a book for the week.
    1. Returned books can be isolated for 72 hours before being returned to circulation.
    2. The selection of books can be made based on a child’s interest, based on themes in the curriculum, or based on a recommendation from the teacher or the librarian.
  1. If a class must visit the library, it should be done one cohort at a time. Areas used should be cleaned  between cohort visits.
  2. Much of the research that students do can be done electronically without entering the library.

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