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(Please note that as current information becomes available this page will be updated – 08.11.2020.)

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  • COVID-19  and the resulting shut down of  activities that students were accustomed to, has created greater anxiety in many students. It is important to  take steps  to educate students in a manner that does not  heighten fear and anxiety.



To develop activities that  will help students learn about COVID-19 in a rational and non-threatening manner.



  1. Provide lesson on covid-19 the precautions and  steps to take to prevent the spread of the disease.  These include:
    • Frequent hand washing, social distancing
    • Staying within the cohort
    • No exposing others to sickness
    • Coughing in a safe manner
  2.  Create activities sin which students can use their creativity to display their knowledge of preventative techniques  and the need to treat each other as normal
  3. Some of these can include a school and Archdiocesan level competition to develop materials that spread the news about COVID
    • Poster contest
    • Video performed by students

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