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Best Practices and New Opportunities as We Move Forward


(Please note that as current information becomes available this page will be updated – 08.25.2021.)


Movement about the building is essential and cannot be eliminated. Schools need to devise a plan to allow for travel throughout the building while keeping the students and staff safe.


Students need to travel from the bus, to their classroom, to the lavatory and other essential areas.  The specifics will differ from school to school, because each school’s physical layout is different. As this plan or movement is developed, please keep in mind the strategic use of masks and social distancing.


During a high transmission level phase, as established by the authorities, directionality should be established in each school using some of the following principles:

  • Each school needs to determine if the hall will be split so students will travel in one direction through the hallway keeping travel restricted on each side of the hall to one direction.
  • Schools can dedicate a hallway to only travel in one direction if a loop is possible and students can get to point A and back following the loop.
  • A schedule should be developed that take into consideration the movement of classes around the building.
  • Planned travel, such as to recess, should be planned so several classrooms are not in the hallway simultaneously.
  • Keep doors held open during the change of classes to avoid unnecessary touching.

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