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(Please note that as current information becomes available this page will be updated – 08.25.2021.)


Recess is an important part of a child’s school day. A safe and healthy recess promotes time to develop socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.

During recess, students learn and practice important social and emotional skills, such as conflict resolution, decision- making, compromise, and self-regulation. Additionally, recess provides a needed brain break and facilitates the learning process.  With this in mind, the following procedures will be put in place to insure our students have a safe recess.

To  the best extent possible, recess will continue applying safe physical contact of equipment and social distancing. The term “social distancing” refers to measures being taken to restrict where and when people can gather to stop or slow the spread of infectious disease. In general, six feet of separation is the distance that should be kept between people interacting within their peers. Games that utilize physical and social activities, yet limit physical contact will be played.


  1. Students will go to recess using the procedures established in school operations regarding movement between the building.
  2. Students will wash/sanitize their hands before going to recess and before returning to class.
  3. Students will not need to wear a mask while at recess, when recess is being held outside.
  4. Schools can mix with other classes during recess.
  5. Equipment will be wiped down to the greatest extent possible.
  6. Students will not need to be in cohorts unless the county is in the high transmission level stage, as established by the health authorities.
  7. Students will wash / sanitize their hands before returning to class.

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