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Why Attention Matters: A Parent’s Perspective

4 years ago

As a parent, it’s all too easy to second-guess the decisions you make for your child. Should you be reaching out to teachers more often? Is it normal to worry your child is getting lost in the crowd at school? Are you pushing reading time too hard — or not hard enough?

These are all questions my husband and I considered while looking at public schools in our area. At first, we considered the option of Catholic education as just that — an alternative option.

But after doing more research, and ultimately sending two of our daughters to Holy Trinity School, we’re amazed at how much Catholic education has become an extension of our own home, putting our concerns to rest. It’s an incredible comfort knowing our daughters are getting the full, personalized attention of a caring team that always has the students’ best interests in mind.

Having attended Catholic schools as a child, I already knew to expect a close-knit community. But my husband and I were both surprised by the incredible level of individualized attention the school gives to academics.

For instance, last year’s graduating class was awarded over $530,000 in scholarships — for a group of only 22 students.

So when our own eldest daughter began learning her sight words in kindergarten, I didn’t have to worry about pushing too little, neglecting practice at home — or pushing too hard, potentially turning my daughter off to reading. I went with my gut, trusting the pace set by my daughter’s teacher and the school’s reading program.

That trust is paying off. Today, my daughter is reading chapter books, and she’s only in the second grade.

The same level of personal attention is evident every time I visit the school, whether it’s a school event or a chance meeting with a teacher in the hallway. I see it every morning, when the principal, Mrs. Elaine McDowell, greets students by name at the front door.

My husband and I are always impressed when we meet with Principal McDowell to review our children’s progress. She personally reviews every progress report and report card. She knows our daughters’ habits and personalities as if she were a close relative. When we discuss our daughter’s futures, it truly feels like family.

I never could have guessed how much of a relief it is to be able to fully trust a school with our daughters’ well-being. At any given point, we know they are being watched over, cared for, and encouraged.

We know the teachers are constantly seeking ways to improve the school and better serve the students. We can be confident that our children are in good hands, with a team that genuinely cares about helping them reach their full potentials. And that’s something I’m grateful that I’ll never have to second-guess.

Meredith Merrill lives in Morrisville, PA with her husband Brian and their four children. Their eldest daughters attend Holy Trinity School in Morrisville, PA.