Elementary School Principal, St. James Regional Catholic School, Ridley Park, PA, Delaware County

St. James Regional Catholic School

500 Tome St.
Ridley Park, PA 19078

  • Position Type: Full Time
  • Position Length: Permanent
  • Contact Person: Bernadette Dougherty, Assistant Superintendent,

Job Description

Saint James Regional Catholic School was established in 2012 as a regional school and presently enrolls 353 students from Pre-K 3 through Grade 8. The school was reaccredited by the Middles States Association in 2018. This Catholic community is dedicated to academic excellence and the development of future leaders to be disciples of Christ with hearts to love and hands to serve.

The governance model for the school is a Board of Limited Jurisdiction which includes expert assistance in areas of education, finances, marketing and development. They work in collaboration with the Principal, the School Business Manager, and the Advancement Director.

Duties and Responsibilities

Candidates will be asked to demonstrate their expertise in curriculum implementation, the use of technology in instruction, team building, faculty development, and effective elementary school management including exemplary communication and relationship-building skills. Candidates will work with a full-time Advancement Director and must have a knowledge of contemporary marketing, development, and be an excellent communicator. This opportunity is best suited for a forward-thinking professional with innovative ideas.


A dynamic, Christ-centered leader is needed to serve as the Principal of Saint James Regional Catholic School. The new Principal must be a faithful practicing Catholic with a strong commitment to Catholic Education and the teachings of the Church. He or she must lead by personal witness to the Catholic faith and exhibit a passion and compassion in articulating the mission of Saint James Regional Catholic School to students, parents, faculty, and the community. The ideal candidate will:

  • serve as the primary agent for creating an environment that fosters academic excellence, Catholic faith formation, vitality and viability.
  • be responsible for creating a climate that encourages the engagement of each student in the learning process while fostering a love for learning.
  • inspire a committed faculty and an engaged student body to form a highly effective learning community inclusive of all stakeholders in the ministry of Catholic education.
  • collaborate with the Board of Limited Jurisdiction and other stakeholders.
  • leverage technology as a communication and educational tool.
  • work with the Advancement Director to support school events, fundraising initiatives and enrollment campaigns.
  • have the ability to delegate work and monitor results.
  • be forward thinking – have a vision for the future of education and a proven track record in achieving academic success.
  • have a good understanding of school operations including budgeting.
  • have a good understanding of the role of the Board of Limited Jurisdiction as it pertains to the administration of the school

A minimum of five years’ experience teaching in a Catholic School and a Master’s Degree in School Administration are requirements. The applicant should hold degrees and certifications required by the Office of Catholic Education.

Additional Information

Interested and qualified candidates please send resume, cover letter, three letters of recommendation, and updated clearances (FBI fingerprint, Child Abuse, and Criminal Background) to the address listed below. Please attach appropriate documents where applicable.

An Administrative Application packet can be obtained at:

Information will be under Resources – Elementary Applications. Please download the application and the list of documentation you must submit.

Completed application, with required documents, can be emailed to:

Bernadette Dougherty, Assistant Superintendent

Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Office of Catholic Education

222 N. 17th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19103

All information must be sent in one packet.


Posted on May 7, 2020

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