How will your child shape the world?

Too often, children with special instructional needs are brought up learning how to adjust to the world – how to survive a place that wasn’t made for them.

But we believe those children, and the world around them, were brought to life by a Creator with grand and beautiful plans. So we built schools that immerse students in the wonder of their surroundings, the love of their communities, and the joy of learning that every child shares.

Each of our special education schools delivers a strong suite of academic, sensory, and spiritual instruction. So students learn more than the skills needed to make it in the world; they learn how to make the world a better place.


Saint Lucy School for the Blind for children with visual impairments

With a focus on literacy and personal achievement, Saint Lucy School for students pre-k through grade 8 helps visually impaired children discover and understand their world. These students are also encouraged to attend inclusion classes at other AOPS elementary schools.


We Welcome You to learn more about our schools

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Our Lady of Confidence School for children with cognitive impairments

With a full curriculum of functional academics and intensive life skills training, Our Lady of Confidence helps students achieve and surpass their potential. Alumni become active, vital members of their communities.


St. Katherine School for children with cognitive impairments

Featuring academic, vocational, occupational, and artistic classes, St. Katherine School offers a holistic curriculum. This school is uniquely positioned to teach students with multiple disabilities.